Gain Insights in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Establishing and maintaining evenness between contacting surfaces is often both crucial and difficult to achieve. For testing and inspection in semiconductor manufacturing, this can be a key factor in order to produce a higher quality, or simply a functional product. Tactile pressure mapping technology from Tekscan gives engineers the insight needed for various applications in this field.

CMP Wafer pressure distribution during polishing process.CMP Wafer pressure distribution during polishing process.

  • Integrate with 3rd party test equipment for in-depth analysis
  • Versatile system with multiple sensors and electronics
  • Minimally invasive thin-film sensor
  • High-resolution sensors for detailed analysis
  • High temperature sensors to collect data under application conditions
  • Customizable sensors available




See how Pressure Mapping Technology can play a role in helping evaluate component press fits & seals:

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semiconductor applications ebookPressure Mapping technology can measure interface pressure to increase reliability & yields.

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