Animal Gait Analysis

Tekscan offers a few options for low profile floor pressure measurement walkway systems that capture multiple sequential steps for analysis of paw and hoof function and gait. The Animal Strideway™ system provides objective data for quantified analysis that is used to answer clinical and research related questions about animal gait.

The Animal Strideway shown here.The Animal Strideway shown here.

  • Versatile allowing for the study of very small to large animalsAnimal Walkway SystemAnimal Walkway System
  • Calculate gait parameters automatically
  • Analyze the relationship between multiple foot strikes and save time on analysis
  • Accelerate animal healing time
  • Evaluate limb and hoof/paw vitality
  • Identify asymmetries and pressure profile discrepancies between front and hind or left and right hooves/paws
  • Monitor and document mobility issues

Products & Solutions

Animal Gait Analysis Systems

Tekscan systems provide objective information to research, identify problem areas and asymmetries, treat, assess and monitor treatment effectiveness.

Learn more about our variety of solutions for animal gait analysis and  paw / hoof function assessments.


The Animal Strideway system is ideal for use with cats and dogs. It is not recommended for animals with hooves. 



Tekscan's animal gait analysis systems have been used for a variety of different veterinary applications. With multiple resolutions available nearly any size animal can be evaluated from rats to turkeys to cows.

Read a case study example where the Animal Walkway™ System was used to evaluate a German Shepherd post-hip replacement surgery. Read now.

Tekscan systems have been validated by leading researchers in various publications. View our medical bibliography to see the broad applications for Tekscan Systems.