Gain Unmatched Insights in Biomechanics & Balance

When evaluating sports performance, post surgery rehabilitation or research project conditions it crucial to be able to objectively measure change.  Do you have data you can trust?

Though historically limited by the lack of objective measurement tools, you are now able to collect performance data from an array of technology solutions.

Analyzing the movements of and pressure exerted by lower extremities with a powerful platform from Tekscan can transform your evaluations and treatment programs. Quantifiable data collected with these portable solutions allows you to accurately track progress over time and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Gait Analysis

Keep Moving in the Right Direction

Gait Analysis Solutions
  • Identify & correct dysfunctions in the gait cycle
  • Generate documentation to track treatment progress
  • Provide tangible, visible biofeedback to increase compliance

Balance & Stability

Develop Control from the Ground Up


Balance & Stability Assessments
  • Optimize subject's performance
  • Easily detect asymmetries
  • Develop injury prevention programs

Sports Performance

Drive Return to Play Decisions with Data

Sports Performance Assessments
  • Perform comprehensive concussion assessments
  • Evaulate sway & postural stability
  • Objectively identify and manager chronic ankle instability

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