Tekscan and The Pankey Institute

We are proud to partner with The Pankey Institute in their commitment to clinical excellence in the field of dentistry. Having delivered high-quality postgraduate education to dentists for over 40 years, the Pankey Institute is committed to changing the lives of dentists, technicians, and team members through an advanced curriculum. With occlusion as the foundation for essential courses, T-Scan™ technology is at the forefront of this field. 


The Pankey Institute Uses T-Scan in the following clinical applications:

  • Initial comprehensive exams and bite screenings
  • Establishing posterior contacts
  • Clearing working and non-working contacts
  • Verifying anterior contacts during lateral excursions
  • Documenting the occlusal changes pre- and post-treatment and equilibrations
  • Enhancing patient communication and case finishing

To learn more about how The Pankey Institute recommends using T-Scan, read their T-Scan Protocol

For a close-up look at T-Scan please click here.

T-Scan occlusal analysis provides several unique and critically important advantages for the restorative dentist. During codiagnosis patients can visualize the 2D and 3D graphic force distributions showing problems that the patient felt but a dentist could not identify. They immediately understand what the occlusal problem is.

After splint delivery, equilibration, or restoration the T-Scan can objectively confirm a therapeutic occlusion.  The patient doesn’t have to tell the dentist where to adjust or what is wrong, which may be inaccurate information. An endpoint in treatment can be visualized and used as documentation in the report to the referring dentist. Patients and referring dentists see that my scientific understanding of the importance of occlusion is different from other offices.

Dr. Roger Solow, DDS