Tekscan and Digital Dentistry Society (DDS)

Tekscan, Inc. in partnership with Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) International aim to reference, validate, and spread the highest level of digital scientific education and services to dental students, dentists, and technicians worldwide. T-Scan™ is a digital technology that helps support the DDS mission in the area of dental occlusion, by allowing dentists to see measured force, timing, and locations of contacts in the mouth.

The Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) is a global leader in science and education with a mission to enhance the scientific potential, capability, and achievements of digital dentistry. Tekscan, Inc. in partnership with DDS seeks to support their mission by providing educational support and networking opportunities to further the applications of digital occlusal analysis technology in dental medicine.



Dr. Henriette Lerner, President DDSDr. Henriette Lerner, President DDS

T-Scan digital occlusion presents dynamic force data across the dentition in real-time—which aids in assessing bite problems and malocclusion in a digital format, as opposed to static, non-digital indicators. T-Scan is a digital tool that is critical to practicing more advanced dentistry utilizing technology to drive clinical decision-making. With Tekscan partnering with DDS, they can provide the world with education and information about using digital technology for diagnostics and treatment.

Dr. Henriette Lerner, President of DDS based in Baden Baden, Germany, believes this partnership is an undeniable match.

"Technologies makes the world a new place and dentistry a new discipline," she explains. "Digital control of occlusion and function is a unique and indispensable tool in the digital path of implant and teeth rehabilitation. The Digital Dentistry Society is proud to partner with avant-garde technologies such as T-Scan, and look forward to an exciting road of common development and studies."