Bite Force Measurement: Test & Adjust with Precision

A Clinical, Case-Based eBook on T-Scan for Dental Bite Force Measurement

See bite measurement and digital occlusal analysis technology in practice! Download this free eBook detailing several cases that utilize the T-Scan to measure the balance of a patient's bite.

T-Scan's bite adjustment sensor

Bounded by the limitations of articulating paper alone, many clinicians struggle to accurately identify occlusal forces and interferences when performing a bite adjustment. In order to collect otherwise unattainable data, objective bite test technology is required. In this free eBook, different dentists detail several clinical cases in which they utilize T-Scan™'s bite sensor technology to precisely capture and interpret a patient's bite force measurement.

Explore case studies in this eBook to learn how you too could be successfully assessing and treating patients in your operatory with a T-Scan bite analysis.

Download to find out how you can:Computerized Occlusion

  • How bite test technology can be used in any dental practice
  • Several cases that utilize the T-Scan dental scanning device to measure the balance of a patient's bite, including cosmetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, splint therapy, TMD, and more.
  • Improve efficiency of restorative cases
  • Locate and identify traumatic occlusal contacts

Studies repeatedly show that it can be very difficult for a clinician to accurately identify which occlusal contact has more force than the others nearby when using articulating paper alone. By enabling us to identify previously unobtainable occlusal force characteristics (which have never been possible to detect with articulation paper), the T-Scan III can help ensure that high quality and complete occlusal end-results are predictably obtained from clinical occlusal treatment.

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