T-Scan University

Welcome to T-Scan™ University! Get everything you need to leverage T-Scan in your practice right here. Start with the introduction, then work your way through the video curriculum.

Introduction to T-Scan™

The purpose of this video is to give a product overview to dental team members who may not be familiar with the T-Scan system and its capabilities.

T-Scan Training Course: Getting Started with T-Scan

This free course was designed by our trainers to give new T-Scan users the tools they need to begin using T-Scan on a daily basis. The goal of this course is to train the clinician on how to setup T-Scan, understand the software features, and take bite force readings. Learn all the fundamentals right here.

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Clinical Analysis Videos: Evaluating Painful Teeth and Closures

Now that you have completed the introductory training to get you using your T-Scan, here's a look at how Dr. Kerstein uses T-Scan to clinically evaluate occlusion. 

Painful Teeth


T-Scan Training

We recommend that new users complete at least two T-Scan Web-Based Training Sessions with a Tekscan Trainer prior to attending any course. Our online training sessions are included with your T-Scan purchase however scheduling is limited. 

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