How is the F-Scan64 system different from the F-Scan System?

The main difference between the F-Scan64 and F-Scan systems lies in the micro-sized electronics.  The F-Scan64 electronics allows for a completely cord-free Bluetooth connection system with a quick setup time of three minutes or less. Also, users do not need to trim sensors.  The number “64” refers to the number of sensing elements in the sensor regardless of the sensor size.  

The F-Scan system offers trimmable sensors with up to 964 sensing elements (at full size) and can scan at rates up to 750 Hz. The sensors are also available with extended tabs for footwear with a longer shaft (like ski boots), sports sensors with a slightly thicker coating for more dynamic activities and XL sensor sizes (up to 24 Men’s USA). The F-Scan systems uses advanced gait analysis software with optional Research software for more detailed analysis.  Three connection options are available depending on your needs, including WiFi, Datalogger, and Tethered.   

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