Tekscan's Pressure Mapping Sensor Customization Process

Take a glimpse into how Tekscan's in-house sensor design team can turn your custom sensor concept into a reality.

Perhaps you’ve drawn your inspiration from one of our standard I-Scan™ sensors, yet see ways you can tweak or modify the sensor to give it an extra element for success? Or, maybe you are seeking pressure data within an uncommon space or shape, and require a sensor that can conform around very specific dimensions or designs?

Consider our pressure mapping sensors like a blank canvas.

Working with Tekscan’s In-House Sensor Design Team on a custom pressure mapping sensor will help ensure your solution will be a Custom Pressure Mapping Sensor Work of Art.

Check out this video to learn more:


Customizable Physical Features

  • Conform to the size or shape of the application
  • Configure multiple scanning ports to capture data over larger areas
  • Specify gaps or holes around fasterners, or other components of the product/surface

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Sensors can include over 100,000 sensing points
  • Pressure ranges up to 25,000 PSI (1,700 BAR)
  • Sensing element density as high as 1,600 elements/in2
  • Operating temperatures as high as 200°C (400°F)