Flexiforce ELF Force Sensor System
Training Video

Set-up and Calibrate your FlexiForce ELF System

Learn how to set-up and calibrate your FlexiForce ELF System.

The FlexiForce ELF System - Setup and Calibration

The FlexiForce Economical Load & Force Measurement System -- known as the ELF system -- is a complete load and force measurement system with optional multi-point sensing and high speed capabilities. This system combines three FlexiForce B201 sensors, one handle containing USB-interface electronics, and Windows-compatible software, turning your PC or laptop into a force measurement instrument.

This video will show you:

00:00 - 02:01 - What is the ELF System?

02:02 - 04:29 - How to Set Up, and Adjust Sensor Sensitivity

04:30 - 06:53 How to Calibrate the ELF System (You do NOT need an Instron device. Dead weights work fine also!)

More information on the FlexiForce ELF system