Recorded Webinar: Digital Occlusal Analysis in The New Age of Occlusion Presented by Dr. Sarah Qadeer
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Digital Occlusal Analysis in The New Age of Occlusion: On Demand

View on-demand to receive 40% off the occlusion textbook!

View on-demand to receive 40% off the occlusion textbook!

International lecturer and co-author of Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine , Dr. Sarah Qadeer, lectures on occlusion as you know it today versus digital occlusion.

Topics of this Webinar:

  • Review commonly used static occlusal indicators
  • Study the importance of quantifiable timing and force data in evaluating occlusion
  • Sample research on the accuracy of subjective interpretation of traditional occlusal indicators
  • Learn how Dr. Qadeer uses T-Scan™ to educate her students on the world of Digital Occlusal Analysis technology

Presented By:

Dr. Sarah QadeerDr. Sarah Qadeer
Thammassat University, Thailand

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