Authorities on Occlusion Release Book Featuring T-Scan Applications

All specialties, all disciplines — 19 international contributors bring objectivity and technology into the spotlight with the book, Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine (3 volumes).

In a groundbreaking way, the field of Computerized Occlusal Analysis is at the forefront of this book, in which Dr. Robert Kerstein and his contributors illustrate definitive applications and clinical cases putting the T-Scan™ into use in everyday Dentistry.

Here's what they're saying:


Dr. Robert Kerstein

Dr. Robert B. Kerstein, DMD, Boston, Massachusetts, USA American Flag

"The book is intended to inform dental healthcare providers and educations whom practice within the many disciplines of Dental Medicine that the T-Scan technology has definitive applications in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Implant Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, General Occlusion, and Temporomanibular Disorders.

The ultimate take-away is that by measuring occlusion, the T-Scan makes occlusal diagnosis and treatment highly predictable, accurate, and reliable because it eliminates the routine subjectivity that plagues the field of occlusion and leaves so many dentists lost in 'occlusion confusion.'"


Dr. Curtis Westersund, DDS, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Curtis Westerlund

"Dentists are really physicians, mechanics and CEO's. We need broad shoulders to carry the responsibilities placed upon us. Not only does the dentist need to keep up on the latest advancement in understanding human physiology, but also on the treatment of patients and at the same time, run a fast-paced high-volume, high overhead clinic. This book helps bring answers, procedures, and protocols to all three of these aspects of owning a dental practice. There are dentists who are actually doing the procedures in the book daily and with skill and experience that can be tapped into and transferred to any dental office worldwide."


Dr. Nick Yiannios

Dr. Nick Yiannios, DDS, Rogers, Arkansas, USA American Flag

"The new textbook outlines the importance of incorporating force, time, and other objective digital metrics relation to occlusion in everyday dentistry.

The T-Scan is used in my practice anytime that we need to ensure that the timing between opposing teeth is appropriate, whether that be upon crown insertion, multiple fillings, or dental implant restorations. Basically any operative procedure that alters the relationship between the maxilla and the mandible, in function. My chapter, in particular, is rather unique in that it ties the correlation between hypersensitive teeth and muscular hyperfunction (and often, muscular TMD).'"


Dr. Nicolas Cohen

Dr. Nicolas Cohen, DDS, M.s., Ph. D., Paris, France French Flag

"T-Scan forever changes my vision of occlusal issues. Before using this device, I was totally convinced that occlusion was reserved for the highly-skilled, experienced clinician.

Today, when given a case requiring an occlusal analysis and equilibration, I use T-Scan on my patient to be more efficient and more precise regarding my work on natural teeth and prosthetic restorations."


Dr. Sarah Qadeer

Dr. Sarah Qadeer, BDS, MSD, Thammasat University, Thammasat Rangsit, Thailand Thailand Flag

"I am hopeful that this book will bring about the much-needed paradigm shift in the way dentistry is practiced in the 21st century and provide valuable information to dentists around the world who are interested in understanding the art and science of Digital Occlusion to incorporate it into their clinical practice.

I believe that our dental students are the next generation of dentists. And when they come out into the world, they should all be well equipped with the knowledge and information about the use of digital technology for occlusal analysis to objectively explore the patient's occlusion, rather than look for subjective means such as paper marks that have no scientific evidence.'"


Full list of contributors:

Sarah Qadeer, BDS, MSD, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Lertrit Sarinnaphakorn, Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Bernd Koos, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Robert Anselmi, McGill University, Canada
John Radke, BM, MBA. Bioresearch Associates, USA
Curtis Westersund, DDS, Calgary, Canada
Ray Becker, DDS, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA
Nick Yiannios, DDS, Rogers, Arkansas, USA
Tom Coleman, DMD, Brandon, Vermont, USA
Dr. Teresa Sierpińska, MD, PhD, Bialystok, Poland
Mark Piper, DMD, MD, Piper Educational and Research Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Jinhwan Kim, DDS, MS, PhD, Seoul, South Korea
Dr. Henriette Lerner, HL Dentclinic and Academy, Baden-Baden, Germany
Julia Cohen-Levy, DDS, University of Montréal, Quebec, Canada 
Nicolas Cohen, DDS, Montréal, Canada
Patrick Girouard, DDS, Moncton, Canada
Ben A. Sutter DMD, Eugene, Oregon, USA
John Droter, DDS, The Pankey Institute and Spear Education, USA
Paul Mitsch, DMD, Augusta, Kansas, USA


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