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Pressure Mapping to Improve Lithium-ion Battery Life and Performance

Learn how Tekscan Technology Helps Dynamically Measure Battery Enclosure Mechanics During Charge/Discharge Cycles

Learn how Tekscan Technology Helps Dynamically Measure Battery Enclosure Mechanics During Charge/Discharge Cycles

Did you know that a lithium-ion battery breathes?

Research has shown1 that the act of charging and discharging a li-ion battery produces changes in temperature, electrochemistry, and mechanics of its internal components. As lithium-ion battery designers strive to pack more capabilities into an ever-shrinking space, having a method to characterize interface pressure changes from charge/discharge cycles is critical for:

  • Maintaining material spacing
  • Controlling gassing, and
  • Preventing excess swelling

In this webinar, Camilo Aladro, Product Manager for Tekscan’s Pressure Mapping Division, will demonstrate how to use Tekscan technology to verify li-ion battery housing design in long-term cycle testing. 

This Webinar will Cover:

  • A technical overview of pressure mapping, and its role in battery design
  • Recent research supporting stack-pressure measurement as a critical step in li-ion battery design validation
  • Results from a real-world charge/discharge cycle test performed with the I-Scan™ system, and recommendations for interpreting pressure data to improve battery life & performance

(1) Cannarella, J., Arnold, C., “Stress Evolution and Capacity Fade in Constrained Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells” Journal of Power Sources. 245 (2014) 745-75 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpowsour.2013.06.165

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