How to Integrate T-Scan into Your Daily Routine

How to Integrate T-Scan into Your Daily Routine

A Guide to Integrating T-Scan and Generating Return on Investment (ROI)

In this guide, you'll learn the key drivers used to successfully integrate T-Scan into your practice.

T-Scan™ provides real-time dynamic occlusal data related to the patent’s bite, so you can make informed occlusal adjustments. This technology provides more accurate data about occlusion​ than observation with articulating paper, shimstock foils, waxes, or bite registration materials.

How to Integrate T-Scan™ into Your Daily Routine

This technology is a great addition to your dental toolbox, but how can you effectively fit this technology into your practice?

This eBook will explain the three drivers to successfully implementing T-Scan into your dentistry:

  • The support of a team – T-Scan trainers, your office team, patients
  • Determine the right process & procedure for your practice
  • An integration plan to follow – set 30-day, 60-day, 90-day goals!

Learn how you can make the most of your T-Scan investment long-term!

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