Clinical eBook on T-Scan and Implant Occlusion

Implant Occlusion and Clinical Cases in the Age of Digital Dentistry

Implant dentistry is on an accelerated growth path. This highly developed clinical application is the go-to option for replacing missing teeth. But how are dentists using technology to create an optimal occlusal scheme to ensure long-term implant functionality?


In this clinical eBook, you'll find commentary on the state of implant dentistry today, methods of analyzing occlusion, and how digital technology is impacting implant placement and restoration. T-Scan™ digital occlusal analysis technology is front-and-center of the clinical cases presented in this eBook.


Download the eBook to learn:

  • Statistics on the state of implant dentistry today
  • Traditional VS. Digital occlusal indicators
  • Digital occlusal analysis using T-Scan technology
  • Applications using T-Scan to identify force, timing, and location of occlusal contacts
  • Different problems that occur in implant treatment and how T-Scan is used to establish ideal occlusion through case studies

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Today, we’re doing things with implants that we haven’t done in the past—and it becomes imperative to use a computerized approach beyond 100-plus-year-old carbon paper to mark occlusal forces. Steve Jobs told us, “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected!” Expect it in your office, expect it from your team, expect it for your patient care.

-Dr. Scott Keith, DDS


Why Do You Use T-Scan for Implant Dentistry?