Bite Test & Adjust with Precision

See bite measurement and digital occlusal analysis technology in practice. Download this free eBook detailing several cases that utilize the T-Scan® to measure the balance of a patient's bite.

Bite testing allows you to evaluate occlusal contacts prior to making a bite adjustment and successfully treat clinical conditions. In this free eBook, translated to English from Korean, Dr. Jin-Hwan Kim details several of his clinical cases. By leveraging T-Scan, Dr. Kim is able to accurately capture and interpret his patient’s bite force dynamics, resulting in faster case finishing and satisfied patients.​

Bite Test ExcerptBite Test Excerpt

Download Computerized Occlusion: Using T-Scan III to find out how you can:

  • improve efficiency of restorative cases
  • resolve jaw pain
  • manage and adjust implants
  • locate and identify traumatic occlusal contacts

About Dr. Jin-Hwan Kim, DDS:

  • Private practice, One Day Dental clinic, Seoul, Korea.
  • Graduate School of Dentistry, Seoul National University
  • Board member of Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry(KAED)
  • Board member of Korean Academy of Computerized Dentistry(KACD)
  • Board member of Department of Management and Policy, Korean Dental Association
  • Board member of ICOI-Korea
  • Clinical professor of Joongang University
  • Clinical professor of Hallim University
  • CEO of Theo Dental Inc.

*Special thanks to our friends at Yours Dental Co., Dr. Jin-Hwan Kim and Dr. Robert Kerstein for their contributions to the creation and translation of this book.

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