Objective Data to Observe & Quantify Animal Gait Analysis

Tekscan's Animal Walkway captures force and pressure, plus temporal (time) and spatial (distance) gait parameters, to evaluate animal gait, lameness and assess treatment plans. With a variety of sizes and resolution options, systems can accommodate a variety of animals ranging from rats, chickens, cats, sheep, cows and more.  

Why choose Tekscan's Animal Walkway?

  • Save time with automated calculation of gait parameters
  • Analyze the relationship between multiple paw/hoof strikes 
  • Evaluate limb and hoof/paw vitality
  • Objective documentation of mobility issues and progress in rehabilitation 
Turkey on a high resolution walkway.Turkey on a high resolution walkway. rat walkway.rat walkway.

Gain important insights into animal gait with objective, easy to collect data. 

Evaluate paw pressure and force per limb.Evaluate paw pressure and force per limb.

Common applications for Animal Walkway:

  • Capture multiple sequential steps for analysis of paw and hoof function and gait
  • Identify asymmetries and pressure profile discrepancies between front and hind, or left and right hooves/paws
  • Assess high or low pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories due to lameness and perturbed gait
  • Provides automated calculation of an array of gait parameters 
  • Study laminitis, osteoarthritis, and hip dysplasia
  • Quantify gait patterns over several strides

  • Monitor improvements in strength and weight-bearing

View our bibliography to see the broad depth of applications for the Animal Strideway.



Tekscan's Animal Walkway software is specially designed to detect the differences in strike patterns between four-legged or two-legged subjects. The software is compatible with current Windows based operating systems. 

  • Ability to detect strike patterns for four-legged and two-legged animals
  • Display 2D and 3D real-time and recorded data
  • Automatic stance and paw strike detection
  • Display of averaged peak pressure profile for multiple selected hoof/paw strikes
  • Gait curve, peak pressure, integral and impulse are displayed in a Force vs. Time graph
  • Side-by-side comparisons of pre- and post-treatment conditions
  • Pressure profiles can be exported and shared with others in video (*.avi) format
  • Frame by frame, single, and multi-stance phase displays
  • Display Center of Force and its trajectory

Automatic Calculation of Gait Parameters into Intuitive Tables

Gait Table

Shows key values for an entire gait cycle

Gait table provides key gait parameters.Gait table provides key gait parameters.

Stance-Stride Table

Provides individual data for the left front, left hind, right front and right hind paw/hoof

Stance-Stride Table provides key values for each limb allowing for easy comparison.Stance-Stride Table provides key values for each limb allowing for easy comparison.

Symmetry Table

Provides a symmetry score (or index) between front and hind, and left and right sides (in %)

Symmetry Table provides quick comparison between front and hind paws as well as between sides.Symmetry Table provides quick comparison between front and hind paws as well as between sides.

Gait Analysis Solutions for Small or Large Animals

A rodent walks across the specially designed Very High Resolution Walkway System.

Selection Guide & Specification Details

A Tekscan system consists of scanning electronics, software, and patented thin-film sensors. The Very High Resolution Walkway system is available in a variety of standard sizes to allow for multiple hoof/paw strikes. Outlined below are recommendations based upon animal sizes.  

very high resolution walkway

This walkway is specially designed for evaluating very small animals, such as rats and guinea pigs. 

System Model Sensor Model (Qty) Active Sensing Area #of Sensing Elements
VH2 (2) 5101 22.4 x 11.2 cm
(8.8 x 4.4 in)


(3) 5101 33.5 x 11.2 cm
(13.2 x 4.4 in)
VH4 (4) 5101 44.7 x 11.2 cm
(17.6 x 4.4 in)




matscan XL

The MatScan XL is designed for larger hooved animals, such as cows or horses.

System Model Sensor Model (Qty) Active Sensing Area #of Sensing Elements
MXLE2 (2) 5411 176.8 x 57.8 cm 
(69.6 x 22.8 in)

Additional Resources

This free eBook, titled Uncovering Objective Gait Insights, from Paw to Claw, covers several different uses for low-profile, pressure-sensitive walkways and similar technologies, supporting each with real-world research success.

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