Uncovering Objective Gait Insights, from Paw to Claw

Showcasing Applications and Opportunities for Low-Profile Pressure Measurement Technologies in Veterinary Research and Animal Science

Showcasing Applications and Opportunities for Low-Profile Pressure Measurement Technologies in Veterinary Research and Animal Science

As humans, we’re instinctively clued into visual cues, like posture or eye contact, that can suggest how another individual is feeling. Animals are no different; anything from a waggle of a tail, to the perk of their ears, and even their walk, are measurable displays of their state of being.

Low-profile, pressure-sensitive walkways and similar systems, have been proven by research to be effective in helping veterinary researchers an animal scientists translate an animal’s gait into meaningful analysis. This free eBook, titled Uncovering Objective Gait Insights, from Paw to Claw, covers several different uses for these technologies, supporting each with real-world research success, including:

  • Orthopedic disease discovery
  • Lameness assessment
  • Pharmacology testing
  • Kinetics and kinematics research
  • Jumping, and other dynamic activity assessment
  • Flooring design research

How Tekscan Technologies Have Been Used in Animal Gait Research

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