Integrated Pressure Mapping Systems

Enhance machine design and alignment by integrating pressure mapping technology. Tekscan pressure mapping systems have a unique capability of measuring interface pressure between two surfaces, using a minimally invasive thin film sensor. All systems are composed of sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software, which can all be customized to align with application needs.

Design a machine that:

  • Provides a competitive edge in the market
  • Streamlines machine alignment operations
  • Saves time, money, and resources

Two Unique Solutions, One Innovative Technology

Watch the video below to see how one machine manufacturing company solved two unique machine alignment challenges with pressure mapping technology.

Components for Integration

Pressure mapping systems require three components- sensors, scanning electronics, and software- to deliver real-time, actionable data.

  • Minimal invasiveness
  • High resolution
  • Thin & flexible
  • Scan thousands of sensing points within each sensor
  • Instant data transfer to PC via USB or WiFi
  • Display pressure data distribution in multiple formats for superior analysis
  • Capture peak pressures and center of force in real time

Validating the Technology: R&D to Full Integration

The I-Scan™ system is a versatile pressure measurement tool that has a wide breadth of implementation- from being used in a simple R&D process to full machine integration. There is often a product path a company takes before fully integrating this system into their machines (as seen below). Below are the 3 use cases of the I-Scan system that lead to integration:

  1. R&D Process - help verify the repeatability of a machine to achieve optimal setup
  2. In-Field Machine Setup - equip your field service team with I-Scan systems so they can service customers by providing them with a guaranteed setup backed by quality data
  3. Integration into Machine User Interface - ensure a streamlined setup that results in a machine with the competitve edge 

Have questions? For more information about integrating pressure mapping into your machine:

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Products & Solutions

Embedded Pressure Mapping Products

Depending on your place in the three-phase process to complete pressure mapping integration, there are different products or systems that are recommended to accomplish your needs.

Phase of Integration Product or System


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