Monday, January 25, 2021

Tekscan Introduces T-Scan Novus Core, a Cost-Effective, Entry-Level Digital Occlusal Analysis System for General Dental Practices

BOSTON (Jan. 25, 2021) --- Tekscan, Inc. is pleased to introduce T-Scan™ Novus™ Core™, a new digital occlusal analysis system developed for general dentists who are beginning to incorporate digital technologies into their practice.

T-Scan Novus Core consists of a patented sensor, ergonomic handpiece, and proprietary analysis software that captures and reveals the relative force and timing of a patient’s bite. This static and dynamic occlusal data helps the dentist pinpoint high forces on specific teeth to adjust and improve the patient’s bite stability.


Digital dental technologies have become a must for dental practices in recent years. Not only do many of these technologies work together to streamline procedures with the valuable data they provide, they indirectly communicate a message to patients that their dentist is going above and beyond to provide the best care possible. 

On the other hand, we know that incorporating new technologies into a practice can be overwhelming. That’s why we developed T-Scan Novus Core as a lower-cost offering with basic analysis essentials, allowing dentists to explore and understand how digital occlusal analysis data can positively impact their workflow and treatment accuracy.


Jennifer Cullen, Manager of Dental Sales and Business Development, Tekscan, Inc.


Since occlusion is a factor in most dental procedures, Cullen says that T-Scan Novus Core can be a useful instrument for a variety of common dental applications, from initial comprehensive exams, to denture and splint fitting. “Dentists often struggle to fully understand their patient’s occlusion, and patients have a hard time understanding how their bite impacts their oral health. Not only can T-Scan Novus Core help the dentist make data-driven treatment decisions, but it equally serves as a patient-education tool to help relate their symptom to visual evidence of their occlusal challenges.”

Cullen stressed that T-Scan Novus Core is not a replacement product for other occlusal indicators used by dentists, like articulating paper. Using T-Scan Novus Core in conjunction with articulating paper helps dentists correlate paper marks with exact areas in the patient mouth that have excessive force or timing irregularities.

Introduced over 35 years ago, T-Scan is the dental industry’s first and only research-validated digital occlusal analysis system used by dentists worldwide to obtain more occlusal information and improve treatment outcomes. T-Scan Novus Core is the second product under the T-Scan Novus family of products. T-Scan Novus with v10 software, a more comprehensive digital occlusal analysis system to the T-Scan Novus Core, includes many additional features and technology-integration capabilities to help dentists expand and enhance their digital dentistry portfolio. 

“We provide a simple upgrade path from the T-Scan Novus Core to the T-Scan Novus as practices begin to pursue more of what digital occlusion has to offer,” says Cullen. “The dental industry is dynamic, with several new technologies always on the horizon. T-Scan Novus Core will be an essential tool that grows seamlessly within any dental practice, no matter what opportunities dentists pursue.”

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