QuickStart Board Press Release
Monday, May 14, 2012

QuickStart Board Press Release

Tekscan Inc.’s FlexiForce™ division announces the release of the FlexiForce QuickStart Board.  The QuickStart Board is a finished single voltage source circuit designed for OEMs to quickly drop into a prototype or even easily design into a product to obtain force measurements.  A 2011 survey conducted by UBM Canon among design engineers showed that a top challenge they face in sourcing components, like force sensors, is ease of integration.  The QuickStart Board is designed to ease that burden by making force sensor integration quicker and easier. 

Previously, OEMs adopting this thin and flexible sensor technology were tasked with building their own circuit for integration into their OEM device.  Now, engineers can simply drop the QuickStart Board into their devices or prototypes, allowing them to focus time and resources elsewhere. Ideal for OEM product design, this product is also helpful for engineers seeking a quick, easy way to acquire force measurements in initial tests, and to validate the performance of FlexiForce sensors in their applications.

FlexiForce sensors combined with the QuickStart Board can:

  • Detect and measure a relative change in force or applied load;
  • Detect and measure the rate of change in force
  • Identify force thresholds and trigger appropriate action
  • Detect contact and/or touch

Starting at $150, the FlexiForce QuickStart Board is compatible with all of Tekscan's off-the-shelf pinned FlexiForce sensors (sold separately).  For a limited time, two free sample FlexiForce sensors are included with purchase.  Volume pricing for the QuickStart Board and force sensor pricing is available upon request.

Purchase a FlexiForce QuickStart Board today and see how easy it is to integrate FlexiForce sensors into your application.