The right force measurement tool is important in obtaining accurate results. The application determines the right tool. For example, an application involving grip measurement requires a device that can conform to the surface of the hand. A bulky, heavy force measurement device would interfere with the application and produce inaccurate data; a thin, flexible, lightweight force sensor would be ideal.

Complete Force Measurement System

Tekscan’s ELF™ (Economical Load and Force) System is a complete force measurement device, comprised of thin, flexible FlexiForce™ sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software. ELF is available in both tethered and wireless versions and offers options such as adjustable gain, simple, storable calibration, and multi-point force measurements.

The ELF System is ideal for test engineers or QA/QC engineers looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive way to measure force in a test and measurement application.

ELF SystemELF System

Turn your PC into a force measurement instrument with FlexiForce sensors, USB-interface ELF electronics, and Windows-compatible ELF software.

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Wireless ELF SystemWireless ELF System

Capture force measurements wirelessly, at distances up to 65 meters, with FlexiForce sensors, a wireless ELF transmitter, and Windows-compatible ELF software.

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Force Measurement Guide Explains Your Options

There are many ways to measure force, and major differences among force measurement devices. Wondering which solution is best for you? Complete the form for access to a free back-to-basics guide which includes:

  • A clear explanation of the various types of force measurements, including tension, compression, and shear
  • Comparison of the various force measurement technologies such as load cells, piezoresistive sensors, and capacitive sensors
  • The role of circuits in measuring resistance change
  • The evolution of thin, flexible tactile sensors

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