What Makes a Trustworthy R&D Partner?

At times, the job of an R&D design engineer is as much about searching for potential problems as it is finding their solutions. This usually involves making significant investments in new test & measurement technologies to obtain quantitative insights. Design engineers can minimize their investment risks by partnering with a technology provider that can demonstrate a successful track record for solving R&D problems.

However, selecting the right partner can be a challenge itself. Most companies may say all the right things at first, but taking a closer look at their history and capabilities may reveal some surprises that could be costly in the long run.

Therefore, here are a few qualities we recommend considering when choosing an R&D partner:

Experience & Longevity:

When investing in an R&D partner, it is vitally important to know that they are going to be around for the long haul. Stable companies will more likely take a proven, trustworthy approach to help bring more insight to the R&D process.

Mastery of the Technology:

Design engineers can be confident in partnering with a company that has repeatedly brought new innovations and improvements to their technology. This shows that the company is willing to invest their own resources to advance the technology, which can say a lot about the value and dedication they will bring to your R&D project.

Proven & Diverse Application Portfolio:

An R&D partner that has delivered solutions over a wide range of application types shows their willingness to take on new challenges. The more diverse an application portfolio, the higher likelihood that the company will do whatever it takes to produce desired results.

In terms of solving pressure-related R&D challenges, Tekscan has the wealth of experience, the mastery of pressure mapping technology, and the diverse application portfolio that is unmatched by any company of its kind. Tekscan has partnered with numerous R&D teams across many different types of industries to deliver ROI-driving solutions that meet specific goals.

Moreover, Tekscan has always made R&D an important part of the company’s philosophy, and always seeking the next opportunity to help optimize product development and improve manufacturing procedures through pressure mapping.

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