(Video) What are Tekscan's Top-5 Most Popular Pressure Mapping Sensors?

Tekscan offers over 200 standard pressure mapping sensors, which can be a bit intimidating if you're just familiarizing yourself with our technology and its capabilities. Over time, however, we've noticed that certain of our sensor designs tend to lend themselves better to a broader range of general purpose pressure mapping applications. There are variety of reasons behind this, including sensing area specs, pressure ranges, operating capabilities, and others. 

After tallying the numbers, here are our Top 5 Most Popular I-Scan standard sensor designs



For complete specs and operating capabilities of these top-5 sensors, visit their product pages below:

  1. Sensor 5101
  2. Sensor 5051
  3. Sensor 6300
  4. Sensor 5250
  5. Sensor 5027


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