Battery Pressure Testing Mishaps

Testing experimental battery designs and chemical compositions is not without risk. Innovators in this field know that finding the sweet spot of performance, safety, and lifespan is a delicate balance. Optimizing charge and discharge cycles of a new electrochemical battery design is a true scientific feat.  

evolution handle damage
Burnt Evolution Handle

And finding and developing a design innovation in the research lab is only the first step. You’ve still got significant hurdles in product safety testing and manufacturing before getting that battery into EVs and batteries of the newest generation of energy hungry products.

You are battling a host of forces and balancing stack pressure and volume expansion. If everything isn't just right, it can lead to catastrophic failures and thermal runaway

That’s exactly what happened in this case.  

RIP to this I-Scan system Evolution handle. He gave his life for the cause of cutting-edge battery research.

Don’t worry little buddy, we honor your sacrifice. You gave your life for a noble cause, and a shiny new Evolution handle is on its way to take your place in the fight for our energy storage future. 

Our customers are doing incredible work designing the future of green technology energy storage, and we couldn’t be prouder to support them. 

Sometimes you don’t know where the edge is until you’ve gone over it! Here’s to the inventors of the future. At Tekscan, we’ve got your back.

evolution handle
New Evolution Handle


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