Did You Know Evolution Pressure Mapping Systems Can Operate on a Windows Tablet?

I-Scan™ users: Did you know that you can run your I-Scan Evolution™ software on a tablet? Well, if your tablet operates on a Windows® 7-&-up operating system (either Home or Professional), it’s true!

Because I-Scan systems are compatible with Windows operating systems, you can use your I-Scan Evolution software as you would normally on a desktop or laptop PC. This feature makes your I-Scan system more portable and provides other capabilities, including:

  • Remote data collection and analysis
  • Remote control of viewing recording/triggering of a system
  • Ability to test in areas that may have safety risks, such as machine setup or production line spot checks

There are, however, a few technical requirements to keep in mind.

Your Tablet Must Have a USB A 2.0 Connection

A USB A 2.0 connection is required to power and connect your I-Scan Evolution scanning electronic handle to the I-Scan software. These days, most Windows-based tablets do include a USB A 2.0 port.

Each Tablet Must Have Its Own Software License

As you know, each I-Scan purchase is specified with only one (1) software license. Contact a Tekscan Sales Representative to purchase more software licenses.

Tablet Capabilities is Only Available for Single-Handle I-Scan Evolution Systems

For practicality reasons, tablets cannot support systems that require multiple handles.

You Must Be Using I-Scan Version 7 and Above

If you’re not currently using I-Scan Version 7, contact a Tekscan Sales Representative to purchase an upgrade.

Bonus!: Wirelessly Display Your Tablet Screen  on a Different PC Via Remote Desktop Connection

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Remote Desktop Connection feature that can be found within the Control Panel of Windows 7 & up operating systems. If not, check out this Microsoft Support article for the details. Once a Remote Desktop Connection is established between your tablet and an external PC, you’ll instantly be able to view I-Scan readings. This can be useful for sharing real-time data to a larger audience, or in testing areas where a PC cannot be tethered to the sensor. You can also use 3rd party screen sharing programs to access the tablet display.

Interested in learning more? Contact a Tekscan Sales Representative today!

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