(Video) Why Use T-Scan? Dr. Ben Sutter Explains

As years of research and successful cases have shown, having the ability to measure a patient's bite force and bite timing is incredibly important for ensuring proper, complete treatment of a patient's procedure. 

The fact is: Nearly every dental procedure has some impact on a patient's occlusion. The problem is: The most common analog methods to detect occlusion (articulating paper, shim-stock foil, and others) cannot capture or measure evidence of bite force and bite timing.

In this short video, Dr. Ben A. Sutter (DMD, AGD, FICCMO, LVIF), a dentist who has made the T-Scan digital occlusal analysis system an important part to his treatment toolkit for more than 10 years, explains why he chose to invest in this method to provide his patients the complete story on their unique bite. 



This is the first edition of an on-going T-Scan Tell-All vlog series, featuring Dr. Ben A. Sutter (DMD, AGD, FICCMO, LVIF). Stay tuned for future editions!

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