What is Tek WiFi (Wireless Capability)?

Question: What is Tek WiFi?

Answer: Tek WiFi (Wireless Capability) allows connection of a Handle/Sensor to a PDA (that is, a Pocket PC) and communicate through a wireless connection to the PC running the Tekscan software. This allows you considerable flexibility when performing your measurements. You can work untethered; placing the sensor in hard-to-reach areas, thereby giving you maximum mobility.

Tek WiFi (Wireless Capability) is an optional feature that can be purchased with Tekscan systems using USB or Evolution™ electronics. If you currently have a Tekscan system and are interested in adding this capability, please contact Tekscan for more information on upgrading.

In order to add wireless capability to your system, you must first make sure your hardware meets the requirements below. Once this is done, you need to set up the network configuration. After that, you can use your Pocket PC to transmit remote pressure data. The data is simultaneously transmitted to a PC in another location. From there, you can display, record, and analyze the pressure information.

Hardware Requirements

The following are the hardware requirements for setting up wireless capability at your location:

  • PC or Laptop running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and a copy of the Tekscan Pressure Measurement software.
  • 802.11b/g Wireless Capability for the Client PC or Laptop (either through a built-in wireless card, PCI/PCMCIA card, or equivalent wireless USB device).
  • Wireless Router (Recommended for an "Access Point" network configuration).

Configuring the Wireless Network

There are 2 alternative wireless network configurations for Tek WiFi: an Access Point network or a Computer to Computer (Ad-Hoc) network.

1. Creating an Access Point network between one or more Pocket PCs and the PC running the Tekscan software (requires a Wireless Router).

Tekscan Acess Point NetworkTekscan Acess Point Network

Note: Creating an Access Point network is the recommended method for establishing a network.

2. Creating a Computer to Computer (Ad-Hoc) network between the Pocket PC and the PC running the client software. The configuration will be different, depending on which operating system is used.

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