DTR Therapy: The Technology Behind Treating TMD

See how Dr. Ben Sutter utilizes T-Scan digital occlusal analysis and other technology in his TMD treatment protocol.

Dr. Ben Sutter is a renowned dentist specializing in cosmetic, prosthetic, and TMD treatment out of his practice in Eugene, OR, USA.

He relies on T-Scan digital occlusal analysis and other modern dental technologies to provide the best level of care for his patients. In this video, Dr. Sutter shares his protocol for treating TMD, and how T-Scan gives him quantifiable data to help him diagnose and plan treatments.



Patients from all over the USA travel to see Dr. Sutter and receive this level of care. Dr. Sutter also teaches this technique globally. Learn more about Dr. Sutter at, see some patient success stories, and stay tuned for events in 2019. 

Want to learn more about T-Scan?

Check out Dr. Sutter's webinar, Managing Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry: A Clinical Case Collection. It's available for free on-demand!

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