The Digital Path for Perfect Function and Esthetics on Implants

A presentation by Dr. Henriette Lerner from the Tekscan booth at IDS 2019

A presentation by Dr. Henriette Lerner from IDS 2019

The Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) focuses on finding the latest and most innovative technology for the dental industry. In this presentation at the Tekscan booth of IDS 2019, DDS President Dr. Henriette Lerner discusses the importance of T-Scan digital occlusal analysis for lasting and functional implant outcomes.

Here's a preview:

You will learn...

  • Where T-Scan fits into the implant workflow & protocol
  • Maintaining bone and tissue structure for implant esthetic and functional success
  • How T-Scan aids in implant occlusal adjustment
  • Real implant case examples with T-Scan digital occlusal data

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