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TekTalk - Virtual T-Scan Workshops

Four Extensive Workshops Teaching You how to use T-Scan to Influence Patients and Solve Occlusal Challenges

Four Extensive Workshops Instructing You how to use T-Scan to Influence Patients and Solve Occlusal Challenges

TekTalk T-Scan Workshops

Check out this short preview of these T-Scan FREE user tutorials, hosted by Dr. Robert Kerstein. Watch all four full versions below.

Get Hands-on T-Scan Training, Virtually

Whether you’re exploring digital occlusal analysis technology for your practice, or you’re a seasoned T-Scan™ user, there’s nothing quite like having the guidance of an expert to help you improve your skills or discover different ways to address your patient’s occlusal challenges. 

The TekTalk T-Scan Virtual Workshops is a free, 4-episode series hosted by T-Scan expert Dr. Robert Kerstein covering the following topics:

  • Basics for using T-Scan and scanning patients
  • How T-Scan can aid in patient communication and case acceptance
  • Recommendations for applying T-Scan data to drive dental decisions, and more

T-Scan Virtual Workshops with Dr. Robert Kerstein


Here are Your Free T-Scan Virtual Workshops!

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Episode 1: Let's Take a Scan!

Episode 2: How T-Scan Aids Patient Communication and Case Acceptance

Episode 3: Applying Data to Drive Dental Decisions

Episode 4: Real Cases Solved with Digital Occlusion