Sense the Critical Impacts that Change the Game

Sense the Critical Impacts that Change the Game

FlexiForce Touch Sensors Embedded into Athletic Equipment & Devices Help Make Fitness Activities Smarter, Safer, and More Entertaining

This eBook shares several ways that FlexiForce sensors can be used to record important real-time force data for analysis of fitness and athletic activities, whether training, performing, or even while recovering from injury.

Most athletic activites, in some way, are an exhibition of opposing forces competing against one another. Whether the competing forces come in the form of human competitors, objects, or even the force of nature itself, there's something invigorating about extending one's physical capabilities to achieve success.

We want our athletes to perform at their best with as little interferences as possible, even though we may be overlooking serious health risks. Therefore, developing minimally-invasive methods to collect force data without impeding performance can deliver important insight to address safety concerns, and also generate new opportunities to enhance the entertainment aspect of sports.

This eBook explores different ways embedded FlexiForce™ touch sensors can be used to capture force insights to enhance the athletic activities we love. This includes:

  • Capturing data on high-speed impacts or collisions in full-contact sports
  • Quantifying player workload and performance in real time
  • Advancing physical therapy treatment methods, and more!


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