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How Thin, Piezoresistive Sensor Technology Can Improve Product Design Efficiency and Quality

How can you leverage tactile sensing technology as an R&D tool and/or an embedded component?

How can you leverage tactile piezoresistive sensor technology as an R&D tool and/or an embedded component?

Whether or not it's a conscious choice, many of us may group sensing technologies into one of two categories:

  1. Sensors used an instrumentation tools in the development of a product or device, or
  2. Sensors used as embedded components that enable a feature.

As a result, some of us may fall victim to a silo mentality when it comes to evaluating certain sensor types. It takes engineering ingenuity to break down those silos, and realize that a single technology can function freely between these usage categories.

For example, thin, piezoresistive sensors for force and pressure – the sensing technology we manufacture here at Tekscan – offers endless opportunities for design engineers across all industries. In fact, for some companies, using the technology in the instrumentation of their design has actually laid the framework for a plan to integrate the sensor into their final design.

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