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Guide to Choosing a Gait Analysis Solution

Keep Your Patients Moving in the Right Direction with Technology

Selecting a gait analysis system can be challenging, there are so many options on the market.  Discover which Tekscan gait analysis solution will best fit your practice or gait lab with this guide.

Adding gait analysis to your practice has shown to have a positive effect on treatment outcomes.  Studies have linked specific gait characteristics such as poor balance, slower pace and gait support issues to gait deficiencies, indicating the importance of early detection before issues can worsen.1   

Once you’ve decided to implement gait analysis in your practice, selecting a system can be difficult with so many options available.  We’ve pulled together some questions and answers to help get you started with gait analysis.

Download this guide to learn more about how to select the best Tekscan gait analysis solution for your practice or gait lab.

  • Which information is essential for gait analysis?
  • What type of system do I need?
  • Why is pressure important for a gait analysis?
  • What unique information do Tekscan gait analysis systems provide?


Download the guide now!


1. Nandikolla, V., Bochen, R., Meza, S. and Garcia, A. ‘Experimental Gait Analysis to Study Stress Distribution of the Human Foot,’ Journal of Medical Engineering (2017).