How Can T-Scan Help an AACA Dentist?

establish occlusal scheme

Establish a Harmonized Occlusal Scheme

T-Scan provides dynamic occlusal measurement, revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

Ensure Long-Term Stability of Your Work

T-Scan is effective in helping to protect crowns, bridges, and veneers from higher forces. This helps both improve efficiency, and reduce repeat visits. 

Differentiate Your Practice with Innovative Technology

T-Scan is the perfect addition to advance your digital portfolio, allowing you to embrace new applications, take on complex cases, and ultimately grow your practice. 


Watch an Interview with Dr. Ryan Oakley (DDS, FAGD) and Dr. Colin Lathrop (DDS)

Learn how these AACA leaders make T-Scan an important part of their practice.

Watch the full interview, or read the transcript here.

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Dr. Ryan Oakley, DDS, FAGDDr. Ryan Oakley, DDS, FAGD

T-Scan has totally changed the way I practice dentistry. By giving me the ability to measure occlusion, I finally, after over 15 years of practice, understand this typically frustrating and complicated subject. T-Scan has given me the confidence to properly identify, diagnose and treatment plan occlusal issues and to also be confident in my ability to repeatedly produce the desired result.

Dr. Ryan Oakley, DDS, FAGD. President of the Houston Drillers with the AACA.