FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System for Prescale

FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System for Prescale

The FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System FPD-8010E is a digital analysis solution for Prescale film. The system consists of dedicated software that converts Prescale density values into pressure values, a scanner, a scanner cover to improve data-read precision and a calibration sheet which limits scanner read errors to a fixed range.

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The Prescale Digital Analysis System (FPD-8010E) works with Prescale film to quantify pressure data in numerical format. The system includes:

  • Software
  • Scanner
  • Scanner cover
  • Calibration sheet

Prescale™ pressure indicating film measures contact pressures as low as 7.25 psi up to pressures as high as 43,500 psi.  When pressure is applied, tiny microbubbles burst within the film to show the various degrees of pressure, through color density, that corresponds to the pressure and pressure distribution.

Prescale Digital Analysis System quantifies film output.Prescale Digital Analysis System quantifies film output.

The Digital Analysis System quantifies the output on your used Prescale film.  User-friendly software includes on-display pressure distribution and enlargement, cross-sectional distribution, 3D image display, and much more. This accelerates the process of product development and improves yield based on detailed, multi-faceted measurement data.

How Prescale Digital Analysis Works

Prescale Pressure Film Output
1. Prepare the used Prescale film.

Prescale Pressure Film Scanner
2. Scan the used Prescale film.

Prescale Software Output
3. Carry out purpose specific analysis using FPD-8010E software.

Note: The Fujifilm Digital Analysis System for Prescale can be delivered only to the United States and Mexico at this time.


Digital Analysis System Configuration

The Digital Analysis System includes analysis software, scanner, scanner cover, and calibration sheet.

Specialized Software
Prescale Software
Converts Prescale density values into pressure values.

Dedicated Cover
Prescale Film Scanner
This manuscript hold-down scanner cover improves data-read precision.

Calibration Sheet
Prescale Calibration Sheet
The calibration sheet limits scanner read errors to a fixed range.



Fuji Digital Analysis System output

Software Features

  • Overall measurement, including average pressure and maximum pressure
  • Partial enlargement of specific areas
  • Pressure cross sections analyzing specific points
  • Wire frame for 3-D view
  • Total weight distribution display on a bar graph
  • Histogram analysis
  • Output data to a text file
  • Step-by-step pressure distribution animation