Pressure Sensors and Systems

Pressure Sensor Model 5101Pressure Sensor Model 5101

Pressure sensors and systems by Tekscan provide an array of force sensitive cells that measure the pressure distribution between two mating or contacting surfaces. Tekscan's pressure sensors and systems can fill your tactile pressure and force measurement needs by providing insight into static and dynamic pressure events, helping you to improve product design, reduce testing time, and perform quality control inspections.

Tekscan pressure sensors and systems are simple to use and include pressure sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software. The pressure sensors and systems enable you to optimize design choices by providing high-resolution displays of tactile pressure data in real-time or 2D and 3D images.

Properties of Pressure Sensors

Accuracy Better than ± 10%
Linearity <± 3%
Repeatability <± 3.5%
Hysteresis < 4/5%
Drift per log time < 5%
Lag Time 5 µsec
Spatial Resolution As fine as 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm (0.025 in. x 0.025 in)
Thinness 0.1 mm ( 0.004 in.)

Applications that use Pressure Sensors

pressure sensing tire

Automotive Applications

Use pressure sensors to capture tire footprints for various passenger and truck tires.

pressure sensing grip

Ergonomic Grip Pressure Measurement

Measure pressure distribution on different parts of the hand and fingers to improve product design.

pressure sensing mattress

Mattress & Seating Design

Pressure sensors provide valuable feedback when evaluating the comfort of support surfaces.

pressure sensor roller

Pinch Pressure Measurement

Achieve evenly distributed pressure across a roller surface.