High Speed I-Scan named product of the year
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tekscan's I-Scan Named Product of the Year

Tekscan's I-Scan™ Pressure Mapping System has been named Product of the Year in the "Measurement Device, Sensors" category and was awarded a Golden Medal by Napędy I Sterowanie, a technical journal in Poland. The journal compares and analyzes various technologies to determine the Product of the Year for each category.

Tekscan’s I-Scan is a pressure and force measurement system capable of capturing data from high speed events such as impact studies and automobile safety and crash testing. The system provides powerful data acquisition, and software with vivid 2D and 3D pressure displays, clear graphs and analytic capability with intuitive, easy to use controls. Dynamic force and pressure distribution events appear in real-time displays and data is captured as a recording on your PC.

I-Scan uses Tekscan's patented thin sensors, which easily fit in tight areas, are minimally disruptive to the true pressure pattern, and provide output that identifies local, peak, and spatial pressures. Tekscan's sensors have a ~5-microsecond response time with scanning speeds up to 20,000 Hz, ensuring almost instantaneous data capture.