Flexiforce Sensors
Monday, July 10, 2023

Tekscan Partners with DigiKey and Mouser for FlexiForce™ sensors

Tekscan Partners with DigiKey and Mouser for FlexiForce™ sensors.

To further serve the sensor engineering community, Tekscan announces increased product availability on these important electronics marketplaces. Our sensor customers have asked for more retail purchasing options for our FlexiForce sensors, and we have answered by partnering directly with the top trusted electronics marketplaces DigiKey and Mouser. FlexiForce sensors are now easier than ever to obtain!

Many of today's top design engineers are already customers of Mouser and DigiKey so it's a natural fit. You can add FlexiForce sensors into your routine purchases to simplify ordering, shipping, and especially payment processes for buyers in different currencies around the world. 

We will still sell sensors directly at Tekscan.com for anyone who prefers to purchase directly from us. Our only goal is to get our sensors in the hands of innovation engineers as seamlessly as possible, and we are excited work with these trusted brands in direct partnership.