Thursday, September 21, 2017

T-Scan Dentists Descend on Ermelo, Netherlands for Annual User Meeting

Conference attracts international audience of T-Scan™ users to learn, share knowledge

T-Scan User Meeting Assembly of Dentists 2017T-Scan User Meeting Assembly of Dentists 2017The 5th Annual T-Scan™ User Meeting, organized by Easier Dental Care, took place in Ermelo, the Netherlands on September 15-16, welcoming a community of dentists who use T-Scan digital occlusal analysis in their clinical practices. Tekscan, Inc., the manufacturer of T-Scan, joined forces with Easier Dental Care to open this meeting to an international audience - marking the first year of making it a global convention.

Distributors and dentists from all over the world took part in the two-day conference to learn practical applications and gain additional training. Historically, it was the largest organization of T-Scan users since the product was introduced to the market in 1987 with 160 people in attendance.

Dr. Robert Kerstein, a Boston-based dentist, has been using T-Scan since its inception, and was a keynote speaker at the meeting. "To be part of the T-Scan User Meeting this past weekend in Ermelo with so many doctors from not only Holland, but also from Europe and Asia who truly see the value of the T-Scan and the measurement of the occlusion, was for me personally,  very, very gratifying. The energy of the attendees inspired the learning, while the speakers detailed what occlusal measurement has brought to their practices, and most importantly, their patients. The meeting really illustrated how the T-Scan offers a clinician a whole new understanding about general occlusal function, TMD problems, airway issues, and occlusal force damage prevention in daily dental practice.  Truly, a new era in Occlusion is upon us!"

The venue was Heerlickheijd van Ermelo boasting on-point service and plush, meticulously manicured landscape design. The meeting hall bustled with dentists who were there to learn, network, and share knowledge of how they use T-Scan in a variety of clinical disciplines.

Gerard Flint, Sales Director for Easier Dental Care, remarks on where the concept of a User Meeting began: "We initiated the idea of organizing a T-Scan User Meeting about one and a half years after we start selling T-Scan. The digital occlusion analysis concept is brand new in the Benelux market and we recognized soon, that there was an additional need for education and clinical support by the various T-Scan users."

"Because the idea of an annual T-Scan User Meeting was welcomed by our Dutch users, the decision was made to repeat and host this event each year. The support of foreign, experienced key opinion leaders helps enormously with the further education of our users. And so our first International T-Scan User Meeting was born!"

Speakers included Easier Dental Care founder and CEO, Arjan Starrenburg; Dr. Sarah Qadeer from Basil, Switzerland; Dr. Robert Kerstein from Boston, USA; Dr. Robert Supple from Albuquerque, USA; and Dr. Sjoerd Smeekens from Holland. Dr. Hans van Pelt, a T-Scan evangelist, educator, and professor at the University Medical Center in Groningen, Holland moderated the event. T-Scan was a cornerstone for all the clinical presentations and workshops, with some more advanced applications and technology sprinkled in.

T-Scan is a tool dentists use to analyze the occlusion by measuring the force and timing of the teeth coming together. The software displays the scan of the bite in 3D on screen so the patient (and doctor) can see discrepancies or potentially harmful interferences that could be destructive to dental work. T-Scan is a digital occlusal analysis system consisting of a patented sensor, USB-based handle, and proprietary software that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability of the patient's bite.