Collect In-Shoe Gait Data Quickly & Cord-Free


F-Scan64™ 2.0: a new and improved, easy-to-use, cordless in-shoe pressure mapping system, offering true freedom of movement for the subject.  The in-shoe pressure measurement system offers quick set-up with flexibility to collect pressure, force, and temporal gait parameters. The pre-sized sensors provide Tekscan’s fastest sensor connection process to date. F-Scan64 allows for more natural gait collection free from cords and restrictions of movement. 

F-Scan64 is a useful in-shoe pressure measurement configuration for clinical researchers, whose subjects and patients may have time or availability limitations. 

in-shoe pressure mapping with fast, easy setup completely cord-free, wireless in-shoe pressure mapping essential gait analysis software for in-shoe pressure mapping

Fast Setup & Connection

Compact, Cord-Free, Light-Weight Electronics

Gait Analysis Software Essentials

Save time on system set-up with our fastest sensor connection process to date, and pre-sized sensors. Designed to encourage effortless gait with less hardware interferences.  Access to fundamental parameters needed for gait analysis, including pressure and force data, center of force, timing, and more. 

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