LVI Global's Core VI (Seat) - December 2020

November 30, 2020 – December 2, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

Live Core VI – Finalization of Physiologic Rehabilitation Case

This course presents so much more than learning how to predictably prepare 28-32 units in one appointment. Attendees should be able to accurately diagnose complex occlusal and restorative signs and symptoms, correctly determine a patient’s vertical dimension, and ensure patient comfort with your results. You will be taught the nuances of post-cementation treatment and the importance of micro-occlusal adjustments.

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Prepare the entire case in one sitting, impress and temporize in the new position that you have scientifically determined to be the best for your patient.
  • Seat restorations for a full case in only one appointment with predictability and ease using the tried and proven techniques taught at LVI.
  • Utilize scientific coronoplasty techniques to finish the case to maximum efficiency and function. Then you will see it proven using scientific instrumentation.
  • Implement this complex procedure in your practice
  • Accurately equilibrate a case for maximum function.

Live Patient Treatment Program:

This six-day, two session course features live-patient treatment. You are required to bring a patient of record from your practice. Your proposed case must be reviewed by Dr. Heidi Dickerson before acceptance. Your case will be completed under the guidance of a clinical instructor.

Event Details

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Tuition: $8,995 - Doctor


Team Tuition: $995 – Per Attendee

CE Credits: 40 + protocol

AGD Codes: 017, 180, 250, 550, 612, 780

Length of Course: 6 days (two sessions)

Campus: LVI Main Campus

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