LVI Global's Core IV - December 2020

December 14 – 16, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

Core IV: Mastering All The Principles of Phase One

Core IV goes through in detail all aspects of phase 1 treatment. This hands-on program will focus on the systematic examination of the patient for proper diagnosis, finding the physiological position of the mandible, orthotic determination and construction, perfecting orthotic and restoration adjustment, precision bite transfer and so much more.

This course is designed to radically enhance your knowledge of TMD dentistry and preparing for restoring the complex cases. The curriculum is prepared to lead you to the ultimate goal of effectively treating patients predictably and conservatively.

The Objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Develop a diagnosis protocol using the signs and symptoms presented by the patient
  • Create the physiologic bite position utilizing the Tag Bite℠ and EMGS for optimal results
  • Determine and create the appropriate orthotics
  • Utilize precise techniques for refining the occlusion on both orthotics and final restorations
  • Identify goals and objectives that must be met in restorative care before designing a successful treatment plan
  • Properly educate patients for maximum acceptance

Event Details

Tuition: $3,995 – Doctor

Prerequisites: CORE I, CORE II, CORE III – Mastering Dynamic Adhesion in Complex Reconstructive Cases

Team Tuition: $795 – Per Attendee

CE Credits: 23

AGD Codes: 180

Length of Course: 3 days

Campus: LVI Main Campus 

Recommended: The team portion of this course is our incredible Core IV – Dynamic Team Concepts Series, click on the link for more details!

Registration Details

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