Implementing the T-Scan into your practice

November 30, 2022, 8:15 pm

Implementing the T-Scan into your practice

Join Dr. Ben Sutter as he explains how he has implemented this vital technology into his practice. Below is what will be covered in this training session.

  • Where Dr Sutter has implemented T-Scan into his practice
  • Why he uses T-Scan in those areas and ROI connected to them
  • How to analyze T-Scan diagnostically to get patients to say yes to treatment
  • 15 minutes Question and Answer.

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Dr. Ben Sutter

Dr. Ben A. Sutter, currently practices general dentistry as a solo, private practice owner in Eugene, OR. Along with fellowship status in many organizations, he has been actively using T-Scan clinically in his office for a decade. He is the author and co-author of over 30 peer reviewed articles and abstracts and serves as an editor and peer reviewer for many journals. His clinical, research, and teaching experience brings a wealth of knowledge to any discussion on Physiologic Occlusion.