Greater Houston Dental Society - Star of South

March 2 – 4, 2017
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Houston, TX

The STAR of the South Dental Meeting has put together a program of highly recognized and distinguished speakers that will appeal to everyone in the dental community.  Be sure to hear Dr. Rick Coker's presentation on the Live Dentistry Stage!

Attend Dr. Coker's "No Pain, Tremendous Gain" will be presented on Thursday, 3/2/17 at 10 AM - 12 PM or 1PM - 3PM and receive 2 CE Hours.

This demonstration will explain the theory behind DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy) treatment and why It Is so applicable to many people suffering from headaches and TMD issues. There is no reason why people have to suffer from chronic head pain, when the problem lies with the muscles that control the jaw. Observers will see how it is done, and why it is done. 

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How the muscles of the jaw are one of the primary causes of headache the ‘’TMD” pain
  • That the digital tools of today allow us to see and understand bite force and timing like we never have seen before, and how we use these tools to guide therapy
  • How removing interferences between the teeth will ease head and neck pain, calm sensitive teeth, reduce or eliminate TMJ pain AND damage

Select Course Code: T8 (am) or T9 (pm) when registering  for the Star of the South (course fee $55):