DSDApp - 3D Smile Design and Digital Workflow Workshop

March 21 – 22, 2019
Frankfurt, Germany

Learning Objectives of this 2-day course is to teach you all steps of a digital workflow integration based on Digital Smile Design principles from taking pictures, creating a complete patient documentation by adding intra-oral and facial scans, performing 3D smile design for a digital wax-up using DSDApp, exporting the 3D file (STL) for A 3D model print and performing a smile test-drive for an emotional dentistry approach.

Course Content:
With the recent evolution of digital dental technologies, we acquire new different equipments and the biggest challenge is to find a system that helps us: 

  • create and organize patient documentation 
  • generate smile simulations and 3D smile designs for Interdisciplinary treatment planning
  • collaborate efficiently with colleagues, team members, lab
  • increase predictability of treatment outcome and final-restorations 
  • improve communication with the patients

Registration Details

For additional information and to register, visit https://digitalsmiledesignapp.info/3d-smile-design-workflow