BioRESEARCH Annual Conference

June 20 – 22, 2019
Milwaukee, WI

World renowned professionals offer a comprehensive view of the latest developments in objective measurement of the stomatognathic system. Applications in TMD, Orthodontics, Implants, Prosthodontics and OSA will be covered.

This year's conference will include Joint Based Occlusion, Neuromuscular, Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR), and Gnathology stations to help you master the treatment philosphy that you follow and to allow you to truly understand those concepts you have not yet incorporated.  

While all of our speakers and attendees have strong opions about their own treatment philosophy, we believe EVERY clinician who objectively diagnoses before he or she treats a patient is ultimately on the same side.  We all believe that understanding each indificual patient's funciton and dysfunction is a prerequisite for responsible treatment.

2019 Speakers

  • Dr. Ray Becker
  • Dr. Henriette Lerner
  • Dr. Cynthia Brattesani
  • Dr. John Droter
  • Dr. Mike Smith
  • Dr. Prafula Thumati
  • Dr. Vikas Aggarwal
  • Dr. Robert Kerstein
  • Dr. Steve Olmos
  • Dr. Konstantin Ronkin
  • Dr. Anne Marie Cole
  • Dr. Joseph Baba
  • Dr.Patrick Girouard
  • Dr. Thomas Castellanos

Event Details

Doctor Tuition: $2150

Staff Tuition: $595

21 AGD Credits


Saint Kate The Arts Hotel
139 E Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Registration Details

Call BioResearch at (800) 251-2315 or email to register today! For additional information click here