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T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System


Computerized Occlusal Analysis

The T-Scan is a diagnostic device that records your patient's bite force dynamics, including occlusal force, location and timing


Computerized Occlusal Analysis


The patented sensor technology was developed at MIT and Tufts University. The device is compact in size, connects to a laptop or desktop computer and is easily moved between operatories.


What's New? Tekscan is excited to announce the availability of T-Scan 8.  This release modernizes the user interface, offers enhanced efficiency, and improves ease-of-use.  Register to receive your free 30-day trial software.





T-Scan Benefits:

  • Valuable force and timing data
  • Improve clinical results
  • Differentiate your practice
  • Take back control, no longer rely on patient feel
  • Determine premature contacts
  • Minimize destructive forces
  • Excellent patient education tool
  • Patients see their bite on screen
  • Helps patients understand the need for treatment
  • Decrease follow up appointments

Computerized Occlusal Analysis eBook


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Computerized Occlusion:

Using T-Scan III

See how including a bite test in occlusal exams and adjustments improves clinical results.


The ability to measure force over time makes the T-Scan an indispensable tool for appraising the sequential relationships of a mandibular excursion. You can view, on screen, a patient sliding from MIP or CR position into a lateral excursion. This is instrumental in locating occlusal interferences, determining the relative force on each interference, and evaluating the potential for trauma caused by the occlusal interferences.


Imagine how useful this is on a long-span fixed prosthesis built upon implants, or any dental case where occlusion plays a role!


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T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System


T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System


The ultra-thin, reusable sensor, shaped to fit the dental arch, inserts into the sensor handle, which connects into the USB port of your existing PC, making it easy to move from one operatory to another.  Evaluating occlusal forces is as simple as having a patient bite down on the sensor while the computer analyzes and displays timing and force data in vivid, full-color 3D or 2D graphics.


A T-Scan system includes Windows-based software, scanning electronics (Handle), and sensors (Laptop not included).


This 3rd generation system features a consistent sampling rate of 100 Hz. In Turbo Mode, reach a sampling speed of up to 495 Hz, and detect three times the number of potential occlusal force aberrations.


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T-Scan Software Features:

What's New? Tekscan is excited to announce the availability of T-Scan 8.  This release modernizes the user interface, offers enhanced efficiency, and improves ease-of-use.  Register to receive your free 30-day trial software.


  • 100% new and redesigned user interface

  • Valuable force and timing data

  • Patient Database – store the data of recorded movies in your computer and retrieve as needed

  • Scan PageView, for viewing and comparing multiple scans

  • New 3D ForceView™ display aids in patient communication

  • Copy and paste 2D/3D views into your Practice Management Software


Add-On Capabilities 


BioEMG -T-Scan Integration Module: The T-Scan-BioEMG Integration Software synchronizes and integrates the data of the T-Scan with electromyography data of BioResearch's EMG unit (BioEMG). BioEMG measures muscular functions of the head and neck while the T-Scan shows the force and distribution of teeth. Together, they give a comprehensive view of your patient's bite.




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Clinical T-Scan Applications


The T-Scan is an invaluable tool for whenever you need information on occlusal contacts, including:


  • Fixed Prosthetics
  • Occlusal Adjustments
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontal Management
  • TMD Appliances
  • and more!


Download T-Scan Bibliography



Numerous articles have been published regarding computerized occlusal analysis and its applications.  Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our T-Scan III Bibliography.

Featured Applications

T-Scan Testimonials



Hear from some of the top clinicians in the field talk about their personal experiences with the T-Scan occlusal analysis system.


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"I feel you cannot adequately perform an equilibration, or rehabilitation without the T-Scan. To balance the forces, occlusion and disclusion times is impossible without this tool. For all my T-Scan equilibrations, I charge $1500. For the patient who is not involved in a big case, I usually schedule for 3 appointments. 1) to remove gross interferences 2) Two weeks later to fine tune 3) One month after 2nd appointment to re-check to determine stability and fine tune. For big cases I add this to my treatment because I ALWAYS finish the occlusion with the T-Scan. You are providing a service that only 1% of dentists possess nationwide... you should get paid for it".

John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE

Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry

Fellow of the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

Clinical Mentor with The Hornbrook Group


“I highly recommend the T-Scan because of its ease of use and effectiveness. It is extremely useful when making occlusal adjustments because it gives me more accurate information relative to the amount of force on each tooth and the timing of that force. Patients can view the scans, which helps them understand what needs to be accomplished to obtain occlusal stability. The T-Scan also produces documentation showing pre and post procedure results that is critical for patient records."

Dr. Glenn DuPont, D.D.S.

The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study


"Educating dentists on live patients demands the highest levels of excellence and practical systems from the Hornbrook Group. T-Scan has provided the Hornbrook Group with confident occlusions for the past 7 years. As we bring the most modern dentistry to our courses, we wouldn't dream of leaving the final occlusion to fate or luck. Finishing cases of bonded ceramic or traditional dentistry with the T-Scan takes patient comfort and the final result a quantum leap above marking paper and/or remounts. No other method can balance forces or find and eliminate interferences with this much efficiency!"

Mark W. Montgomery, DMD


“I use CADCAM heavily in my practice. Over the years, I found that ~10% of my patients would return for post-op occlusal adjustments, even though I was meticulous with my correlation procedures and checked CR. This discrepancy prompted me to integrate the T-Scan to be able to QUANTIFY, not just qualify where the contacts were occurring. Today after integrating and understanding how to use the T-Scan technology, less than 1% return for post-op occlusal issues!"

   Nick Yiannios, DDS

Ridgedale, MO


"I have found that there is no better way to balance a splint than using T-Scan. Many talk about simultaneous bilateral contact. The use of T-Scan in this regard is invaluable. And using the T-Scan in Phase II equilibrations has provided a much more consistent and superior result. We use the T-Scan daily in our practice. Adjustments are done with increased confidence for both you and your patient. The T-Scan has proven to be not only valuable in treatment, but also to be an excellent practice builder."

Barry Glassman, DMD

Allentown, PA


"With T-Scan, our patients are able to be ecstatic about their smiles for the long-term. We can zero in on better results. Recently, a patient came in thinking he needed a root canal. We found there was excess pressure being applied to the tooth because of a bite imbalance. We corrected it without needing to resort to a root canal or any other invasive procedure. Now, he feels great!"

Hugh Flax, DDS

Success by Design Seminars

Atlanta, GA


"The T-Scan paid for itself in my office in 30 days. The T-Scan helps you to not only save money, but to make money as well. The difference between the patient saying it feels good and it feels great is the difference between veneers breaking in 9 months and them lasting a lifetime. With the T-Scan you know the patient will always leave your office saying it feels great!"

Bruce Baird, DDS

Granbury, TX


"The most accurate way to establish a balanced occlusion is to utilize the T-Scan. I use this in my practice and will be teaching this technique in my advanced TMJ course in Sarasota, Florida."

Brock Rondeau, D.D.S., I.B.O.

Diplomate International Board of Orthodontics

London, Ontario, Canada


"I have found the T-Scan to be an indispensable tool in achieving occlusally correct dentistry, especially in conjunction with CEREC 3. Whether you practice with CO, CR or Neuromuscular philosophies, the one missing ingredient is the ability to accurately discern the meaning of articulation paper markings. The T-Scan provides the user with complete information on the timing of initial contact, the duration of contact and the force of contact that simply cannot be achieved by reading 'tea leaves' in a mass of articulation paper markings. The easily understood, graphical interface is easy to understand for the doctor and even for the patient!"

Rich Masek, DDS

San Diego, CA



"I am a dental assistant from Lafayette, La. and for a very long time I have suffered with severe migraine headaches at least twice a week, facial discomfort, and sore joint muscles. I have also worn splints that never seemed to really help me and we just couldn't quite figure out what was the core of my problems. Just recently the T-Scan Bite Analysis was introduced into our practice. With some extensive evaluation of my bite with the T-Scan I realized that most of the forces being put on my teeth are on the right side which explained why my muscles were so tense. Once my bite was adjusted accordingly with the T-Scan recordings I immediately began to notice a difference from what I was used to feeling. Having my bite recorded with the T-Scan has been the greatest thing that I have ever experienced. It's been about 1 month since my bite was evaluated with the T-Scan and I have not gotten any headaches nor do I feel anymore joint and facial discomfort. I feel so much better! Without this technology I would still be suffering. The T-Scan gets two thumbs up in my book!!! Thank you so much and that is from the bottom of my heart!!"

Andrea Domingue

Lafayette, LA


"I am not a Dentist but was looking for a way to check my bite when I ran across your T-Scan System. I am a computer programmer with TCS America working at Bank of America. At the time I was living in Seattle and after alot of dental work my bite just didn't feel right. I returned to my dentist several times and he tested my bite with the colored papers that most dentists use but he could find no problem. That's when I started my research to find a better and more accurate way to check my bite. In the end I discovered your T-Scan System. I then found a dentist in the Seattle area that had a T-Scan and went to his office, explained the problem and within minutes, with the use of your equipment, he located the high spot, adjusted my bite and my problems disappeared."

James D. Morris

Jacksonville, FL


"There are no words to fairly express just how competently this device works. I had been to another cosmetic dentist for almost six months trying to get the "bite " right on a six unit upper front bridge - without success. I had already spent almost $15,000, but due to "bite problems," felt that I merely had a cheap $200 set of "dentures," instead of the "Hollywood smile" I had been promised and expected. I was horribly disappointed up to this point. Upon your referral I went to a T-Scan user. Using the T-Scan, he spent less than one hour and totally resolved every bite (occlusal) issue in my mouth. I told my dentist and can certainly say without reservation, that the T-Scan is surely one of the best innovations in dentistry in the past 50 years. Every dentist in America ought to have one if he or she truly cares about providing the best care for patients."

Hakim Chisti

San Diego, CA


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