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Pressure Mapping for Patient Care, Medical Research, and Animal Studies


Medical Pressure Mapping


The search for cost-effective tools in the prevention and management of pressure-related problems for at risk patients has been a constant source of frustration for clinicians and hospital administrators. Tekscan's pressure measurement devices provide accurate, reliable data that is outcome focused and provides important insights into the formation of pressure-related sores. This information is an important quantitative adjunct to other qualitative assessment tools, assisting the clinician in providing results-oriented, cost-effective assessments and preventative care.





In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Analysis

Barefoot Pressure Analysis

Seating & Positioning Pressure Analysis

In-Shoe Pressure Analysis Floor Mat Pressures Seating and Positioning Pressure

Human Joint Analysis

Animal Gait Analysis

MobileMat BESS

Joint Pressure

Animal Walkway Pressures

MobileMat BESS


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Our medical pressure sensors and systems help in:


  • Development and evaluation of orthotics, prosthetics and braces
  • Optimization of custom seating and positioning systems
  • Evaluating animal gait and lameness
  • Diabetic foot treatment
  • Design and development of pressure-reducing support surfaces
  • Orthopedic joint research


Each system comprises innovative scanning electronics, application specific sensors, and unique WindowsTM-based software designed for the specific application. A health care provider can now make immediate assessments of the patient's need for clinical intervention in anatomical areas instead of guessing. Our systems provide measurement data in real-time and enable the clinician/researcher to instantaneously capture and store the data for more detailed examination.


Complete Pressure Measurement Solution


The analysis of dynamic or static pressure distribution revolves around Tekscan's innovative, real-time, tactile sensing systems. These systems are capable of measuring critical patient/surface interface pressure with minimal interference. Extremely thin, flexible sensors accommodate most contours and provide highly accurate local pressure readings. Tekscan's pressure sensors provide the most appropriate spatial resolution required for the medical application under consideration. Vivid graphics, displayed on a PC, make the information easy to interpret and provide the clinician with excellent documentation.


Tekscan is a proud sponsor of:



 American Society of Biomechanists (ASB)

Federation Internationale Des Podologues