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High Speed I-Scan System

High Speed I-Scan® System

high speed pressure and force measurement

Tactile pressure and force measurement system capable of measuring up to 20 kHz, ideal for impact and crash testing applications.

Measure Impact Force and Pressure


High Speed I-Scan is an enhanced version of the I-Scan pressure and force measurement system, that supports faster sensor scanning speeds (up to 20,000 Hz). The system is ideal for measuring high impact forces, especially during martial arts and crash testing.


Due to its ability of capturing such quick events, High Speed I-Scan has been featured on various television shows, including Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior, Discovery Channel's Xtreme Martial Arts, and Mythbusters.


"The system is visually strong, fast to set up, easy to work with, and easily understood by viewers. It also can provide an accurate number even when punctured by the Cestus. On its dying electrical signal, while being slammed full of holes - the system came through. That says a lot about the effectiveness of the [Tekscan] technology."

Tim Prokop

Show Runner/Director, Deadliest Warrior Season 1


Key High-Speed I-Scan Features:

  • Fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements
  • Dynamic recording and playback
  • Graphing and data analysis capabilities
  • Real-time pressure displays
  • Durable & reusable sensors
  • Sensor scan rates of up to 20,000 Hz (frames per second)
  • Easy set-up & portable


New! Wireless & Datalogging Capability!

Increase the mobility and versatility of the High-Speed I-Scan system with three new add-on options:


  • VersaTek Wireless
  • Datalogger and
  • Wireless/Datalogger!


VersaTek Wireless transmits sensor data wirelessly directly from the sensor and Handle to the computer! VersaTek Datalogger collects and stores sensor data in its internal memory so that it can be retrieved and uploaded to the computer at a later time. VersaTek Wireless/Datalogger offers both capabilities for complete flexibility in data collection!


Key Features:

  • Scan rates of up to 4,600 Hz with Wireless connection*
  • Scan rates of up to 20,000 Hz with Datalogger connection*
  • “On board control panel” with visual system status indicators
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 2 hours of continuous operation
  • Unit is encased in protective backed mount that can be secured to a wall or other surface


*Scan speeds dependent on sensor and electronics configuration.

A Tekscan system consists of scanning electronics, software, and patented, thin-film pressure sensors. Our qualified engineers will help you select the optimal system configuration to meet your application requirements. To learn more about our scanning electronics and sensor performance specifications, please visit our Technology page.


High-Speed I-Scan Force and Pressure Measurement SystemHigh-Speed I-Scan Components:

Scanning Electronics-Every Tekscan system uses specially designed scanning electronics called Handles or Cuffs. The electronics connect to the sensor, gather the data from the sensor, and then process and send this data to your computer via USB connection.


High-Speed I-Scan Software CD


Tactile Pressure Sensor(s)-Sensor selection dependent on application


*Components depend on system configuration. Additional items may be included with your system purchase.


View computer requirements.


Shown: High-Speed I-Scan pressure and force measurement system and pressure sensor model #9550












New! Add Datalogging or Wireless Capability To Your System!


VersaTek Datalogger

VersaTek Datalogger collects and stores sensor data in its internal memory for upload to a computer at a later time!

  • Capture and store up to 8 GB of sensor data
  • Collect data from over 100 m away from the computer
  • Scans an entire sensor array at up to 20,000 times per second


VersaTek Wireless

VersaTek Wireless transmits sensor data wirlessly to the computer!

  • Collect sensor data up to 100 meters away from the computer
  • Sensor data is collected and displayed on the computer in real-time
  • Uses standard Microsoft WiFi communication protocol (802.11B)
  • Wireless signal strength indication and automatic buffering if wireless unit moves out of range


VersaTek Wireless Datalogger

Purchase both data collection options for complete flexibility!

High-Speed Pressure Sensors


Tekscan’s pressure sensors have a ~5 microsecond response time, ensuring almost instantaneous data capture. High Speed I-Scan uses patented thin-film, tactile pressure sensors, which easily fit in tight areas, such as under shin pads or under airbag covers. Sensors are minimally disruptive to the true pressure pattern and provide output that identifies local, peak, and spatial pressures. 


The most commonly used sensors for the High-Speed I-Scan are models 9500 and 9550. Other sensors models can be substituted to fit your application requirements.

  • Sensor Model 5051
    Sensing Area Total
    Width Height Sensels Sensel Density
    2.2  in 2.2  in 1936 400  in2
    55.9  mm 55.9  mm 1936 62 cm²
  • Sensor Model 5315
    Sensing Area Total
    Width Height Sensels Sensel Density
    19.2  in 16.8  in 2016 6.3  in2
    487.7  mm 426.7  mm 2016 1 cm²
  • Sensor Model 5570
    Sensing Area Total
    Width Height Sensels Sensel Density
    8.36  in 3.24  in 264 9.7  in2
    212.3  mm 82.3  mm 264 1.5 cm²

High-Speed Pressure and Force Measurement Software


The High Speed I-Scan has the same software as classic I-Scan, providing powerful data acquisition, vivid 2-D and 3-D pressure displays, clear graphs and analytic capability with intuitive, easy to use controls. Dynamic force and pressure distribution events appear in real-time displays and the data is captured as a recording on your PC.

Impact force over time graph

High Speed I-Scan with Video Synch™ showing the impact of a baseball hitting a pressure sensor.  Sensor output is shown graphically - Force vs. Time.



High-Speed I-Scan Software Features:

  • Acquire sensor data at up to 20,000 Hz (frames per second)
  • Capture dynamic force, pressure, and contact area data
  • Record data as “movies”
  • Play-back pressure “movies”
  • Display real-time and recorded data as 2-D and 3-D pressure images with graphs
  • View and compare multiple tests
  • Windows compatible copy and paste of pressure images or data values into other applications
  • File output in ASCII format
  • Save data files as AVI movies
  • Ability to isolate and analyze specific areas
  • Plot pressure, area, and force data over time and distance


The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French, and German. View software languages available.

High-Speed Pressure and Force Applications


  • Martial arts
  • Impact studies
  • Injury prediction
  • Vibration studies
  • Airbag cover design
  • Automobile crash testing
  • Protective gear design and assessment of athletic/military:
    • Helmets
    • Shoulder pads
    • Shin / knee guards
  • Safety testing:
    • Glass breakage
    • Shoulder and lap belts
    • Knee bolsters and thorax
    • Child restraints and car seats
    • Automobile bumpers and hoods


Industrial Bibliography


There have also been a number of research projects conducted where pressure measurement technology has played a crucial role.  For a list of research studies, download the Industrial bibliography.